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Telecommunications Consulting and Design

We help the telecommunications industry build the infrastructure they need to implement and operate their systems from outside plant networks to the Central Office.


Because the telecommunications industry is continuously evolving, we take pride in keeping up with industry trends, issues and technologies. We are constantly searching for new ways to help our clients solve problems, meet deadlines and create efficiencies while maintaining quality in their projects.


This includes fiber optic transport facilities, Fiber to the Premise facilities (both PON and Active), copper facilities, DLC network designs in varying reaches  and specifying the electronics from the home to the Central Office for each design.

  • Fiber to the Premise Active and PON Outside Plant Design

  • Various Loop Length Copper Based DLC Outside Plant Design

  • Aerial Design and Load Studies

  • Planning and Economic Studies

  • Environmental Studies

  • Construction Supervision and Inspection

  • RUS Loan Design

  • Digital Switches

  • VOIP Switches

  • Lightwave Transmission Systems

  • Microwave and Toll Carrier Systems

  • Rectifier Bays

  • Battery Plant

  • Generators

  • Overhead Racking

  • Wireless and Cellular Site Layout

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